in the nightmare

Superman slowly comes to himself...
The Man of Steel finds that his powerful body is trapped in spread-eagled position in front of a villainess, the Raven.
In the nightmare dominated by Raven, all he can do is to expose his helpless body to his enemy.


electric chair

Managed to dodge the thrust by a villain, Batman finds himself trapped in the chair, his arms and legs are restrained in the metallic shackles.
The bounds are so tight that the Dark Knight can't break free.
When his foe clicks a button on the remote control, intensive electric current strikes whole body of the Caped Crusader. Every muscles of the hero are convulsed with exquisite pain caused by the electric shock.
The villain is a Joker in disguise. In front of the archnemesis with a proud grin, Batman can't do anything but endure massive pain with quivering well-built extremities.


nearly unmasked

Jackpot takes Spider-man from behind tightly, Blue Shield approaches to unmask him.
Confronting two opponent heroes, Spidey is being unmasked helplessly.
Unmasking is also my favorite. The mask does not just hide true identity of masked superhero, the mask itself is the identity of him. Masked superhero must feel humiliation unmasked in public.


shot and slashed

Two bounty hunters fiddle their preys, Superman and Batman. While Sculphunter grabs the cowl of the Dark Knight to bare his throat, Jonah aims at the head of the Man of Steel.
Finally merciless hunters finish their games. Sculphunter slashes the throat of Batman, Jonah fires kryptonite bullet through Sperman's temple.


stabbed in the hand

Batman struggles to fend off Jonah Hex held behind.
The Dark knight tries to free himself, his effort becomes futile by stabbed in the hand with a throwing-knife.
Batman collapses in pain nursing his hand under the feet of two foes, Jonah Hex and Scalphunter.


kryptonite bullets

Jonah Hex fires kryptonite bullets at the back of the Man of Steel.
Weakened Superman is shot again and again like a shooting target.


caged like animals

Superman and Batman are both caged like animals. Trying to break bars, two superheroes clutch them with the brawny arms, but their muscles are worthless.
This picture is a cover of Superman/Batman #16. Although this scene is not appeared, Superman and Batman are defeated by other way in this issue. I will show you them in the next three posts.


magic spell of villainess

Evil-Lyn casts spell on He-man, the Masters of the Universe.
While He-Man crosses his big arms over the eyes in dazzling bright light from the magic crystal, animated floor slabs wrap around and adhere tightly to his burly body. He can't even draw the Sword of Grayskull
In front of her henckmen, the villainess mocks at suffering He-man as 'Heroic fool', and sways his destiny. All he can do is only to moan in pain, his powerful muscular body is useless under the magic.
This situation is really appearing! Mere average human villains/villainess make heroes with herculean body/superpowers helpless by science/magic.


under the green radiation

Under the radiation of the deadly kryptonite, Superman suffers in pain with his muscular forearms and lower legs manacled solidly on the metallic chair. The villain grabs Superman's hair to show his triumph.
Helpless Man of Steel has one hope to be rescued by Justice League. However, his only hope is destroyed when he sees his fellow Justice Leagers, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, captured.
Punched by the victorious villain, weakened superhero bends his neck down on the chair.
Green kryptonite illuminates every square inch of superman's muscular but now limp body to keep him weakened and suffer.
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