thoroughly wrapped

Protex, the white Martian, changes his shape into thin white monster to attack Superman.
Our mighty hero is screwed up in the adhesive white substance, all he can do is to suffer in his struggle.
The muscular body of the man of steel is totally wrapped and covered, even his super power can't break diabolical white coating. His body is under the control of the villain.


on the bonnet

Beaten from behind, Robin collapses and falls unconscious in front of gangsters.
When he awakes, he is surprised to find himself in spread-eagled position on the bonnet of the car driven by gangster.


chained and crucified

Kraven the huntress start toying unmasked Spidey and throws him away to lower level.
Spider-man can't do nothing but lies helplessly under her feet.
The villainess enjoys defeating Spidey, seizing superhero by his neck, flattening his face against the floor, and kicking him off.
When Spider-man regains consciousness, with his chest and arms chained he is crucified in front of the villainess.


surrounded by aliens

The Man of Steel is besieged by Aliens in their lair.
Grotesque creatures attack Superman with their inner mouths, craws and sharp tails, even the Man of Steel is forced to defend with all his powers.
During their battle, eggs of the Aliens start hatching.
A hatched face hugger recognizes Superman as its host, it pounces his mighty chest, reaches for his face.


mobbed by aliens

Batman confronts band of aliens attacking with craws and inner mouths.
Despite the Dark Knight's resistance, the aliens' claws hold his cowl and their tails clutch his arm. The Dark Knight is at the mercy of Xenomorphs form outer space.



His hands and feet are roped up tightly, bound to tractors. Captain America is in spread-eagled position...
... on a missile silo surrounded by evil solders.
His famous star-spangled blue and red-white striped costume is tattered, only revealing Cap's superior muscular body.

Cap trys to break free, flexing his muscules. His exertion ends in futile but he is being torn limb from limb pulled by tractors.
Our hero is suffered in spread-eagled position. No more and no less but how exciting! I'm sure this is one of the most spine-tingling so called "superheroes in peril" scene in Captain America comic books.



The Flash tears off his famous scarlet costume in a shower room. To his surprise, a chunk of blob starts adhering his feet while taking a shower.
Because Speedstar's feet are buried in a blob, his super power of the lightning speed is disabled. The Flash can't move, his naked muscular body is slowly covered with a large glob of goop blob.


bitten off

Vermin, cannibalistic humanoid rat, attacks Daredevil.
Vermin bares his fangs when his power slowly overcomes the Man Without Fear, his fellow rats huddle together to the hapless hero.
The human rat bites Daredevil's powerful shoulder again and again to satisfy his relish for blood, our hero only screams in pains.
:: Spoiler warning ::
This Daredevil is actually Peter Parker, Spider-man. He wears the famous dark red costume borrowed from Matt Murdock to find his roommate in Spider-man costume.


beaten violently

The Man of Steel is blasted by supersonic attack, his face is stuck to the wall by the monster's thrust.
The superpowered alien, Subjekt-17, bops Superman with his brutal fists, and stomps hero again and again.
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