strangled by wire

Electric wire twines around Green Lantern's neck.

Green Lantern is pulled down helplessly despite his struggle, and a gigantic robot is approaching to finish him.


tied and gagged

The Boy Wonder is trapped in the car his arch nemesis Joker drives.
Inhaling knockout gas Joker sprayed, Robin faints in the car.

When Robin regains consciousness, he finds himself ball-gagged and tied with electric cords of Christmas lights.

The Boy Wonder can do nothing but watch helplessly Joker's dark deeds in front of him.


drained by tentacles

Anti-Venom spreads his fingers as tentacles to capture Spider-man. Spidey feels hard to dodge the attack without his spider-sense.

The tentacle-like fingers adhere to Spider-man's body, start draining his superpowers slowly.

The more Spidey is drained his poweres, the more Anti-Venom sucks him.


beaten by Wonder Woman

Superman is attacked from behind by Wonder Woman, his head is brutally beaten by her bracelets. The Man of Steel cries in agony putting his hands on his head.
Without taking a single breath, Supe is kicked on the side of his head, is heeled on his hamstring, and is crashed on the ground by strong punch on his face.
Ragged Superman is getting his knee with his famous red-blue-yellow costume tattered. However, he is blown away by massive kick.
Wonder Woman points triumphantly at defeated Superman.


surrender to save hostages

Captain America is forced to surrender, the villain ordered him from a school bus where students are held hostages.
Cap reluctantly put down the mighty shield and put the manacles on his hands by himself in front of many guns aiming at him.
I also love the situation of this kind: superheroes with superior super-human abilities can't do anything, rather have to surrender to their foe who is just a mere human, to save hostages. In this kind of situation, a superhero is completely intact, full of their power and energy physically, but is weakened and helpless mentally.


chained and hanged

Spider-man is captured by villainess. He is chained and hanged upside down from a ceiling.
Now, our hero, friendly neighborhood Spider-man is mere a trophy of huntress Kraven.

:: Spoiler warning ::
This Spider-man is not true Spidey. Kraven captures Peter's roommate who is assumed as true identity of Spider-man, and forces him to wear Spidey's costume. Then she releases him in a NYC sewer and enjoy hunting for Spider-man.
What is interesting is Kraven wants to beat Spidey in his costume. She realises that the costume itself is the proof of superhero.
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