bitten off

Vermin, cannibalistic humanoid rat, attacks Daredevil.
Vermin bares his fangs when his power slowly overcomes the Man Without Fear, his fellow rats huddle together to the hapless hero.
The human rat bites Daredevil's powerful shoulder again and again to satisfy his relish for blood, our hero only screams in pains.
:: Spoiler warning ::
This Daredevil is actually Peter Parker, Spider-man. He wears the famous dark red costume borrowed from Matt Murdock to find his roommate in Spider-man costume.


beaten violently

The Man of Steel is blasted by supersonic attack, his face is stuck to the wall by the monster's thrust.
The superpowered alien, Subjekt-17, bops Superman with his brutal fists, and stomps hero again and again.


completely unmasked

Spider-man managed to break chains. However Kraven the huntress bears him down on the face.
She pulls his mask to expose the secret identity of Spider-man.


shark attack

Surrounded by many sharks, Green Lantern is attacked by the Shark mutated tiger shark with intelligence and humanoid looks.
The Shark bites Green Lantern on the arm with his fierce teeth, mighty green hero screams in pain.
Green Lantern escapes from the ocean successfully although he is seriouly injured. However the Shark attacks him on shore, Shark's big jaw seizes his prey.
Brought back under water, Green Lantern is at the mercy of the Shark.
Watching injured superheroes, I feel a sense of complex emotion, a combination of excitement and a little guilt attributed to the unusual scene. Superheroes must be decent and strong, but are in weakened states now. I can't look away from the scene of superheroes in peril.
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