Captured Green Lantern finds himself in spread-eagled position with his powerless ring. Helpless hero can do nothing but expose his sculpted muscular body clad in his skin tight costume in front of evil villain, Desaad.
The Darkseid's inquisitor easily unmasks Green Lantern, and expects savage pleasure showing various tools for torment to captive hero.
Desaad wields his lovely tools to anguish powerless hero. Even experienced Green Lantern can't hold the agony, he moans and cries.
Although Green Lantern's costume is partly destroyed by savage torture, his heroic spirit is not humbled yet. But all he can do is to look at the powerless ring with his chagrined blue eyes.
By tenacious brutal torture of Desaad, once proud superhero is now in hideous. Most of his costume is tattered, his well built body for justice is mere a sitting duck for master torturer.
Green Lantern's naked throbbing flesh is tainted by soot and blood, he lays helplessly on the torture rack at the mercy of the tormentor. Our hero, Green Lantern, is in the worst mental and physical predicament.


powerless power ring

Attacked by enemy solders, Green Lantern tries to use his power ring. Just at that moment, one of the solders shoots at the ring that is the source of super powers and abilities.
Against Green Lantern's will, the ring does not work at all. The ring of power is emasculated!
Helpless green hero is overpowered and taken away. What destiny awaits him?


punched and scanned

Norman Osborn captured Spider-man, he tries to beat it out of Spidey about his secret.
Norman is wise enough to use his technology... Spider-man is irradiated with special beam on the forehead, his memory is scanned and read out gradually.
Due to the current situation being captured, beaten, and humiliated by his archnemesis, Spidey's past memory of the pains, sufferings and defeats appear on the computer screens. The secret of Spider-man will be revealed shortly!


black gunge

Superman catches an old woman falling. She wraps her arms around Superman's thick neck, can get close to hero's powerful body as planned... Taking this opportunity, she brings out a white ball and eggs to Superman's mighty muscular chest!
The ball crashes, stuffing black substance sticks to "S" emblem covering diesel pectoral of the Man of Steel.
The gungy dark liquid spreads almost all of his costume, it coats even Superman's bare skin, face and hands. The old woman was a disguise of Misa, she dashes gunge called Solar Leech to Superman's body which sucks and prevents sunlight and energy of yellow sun.
The gunky liquid can absorb the energy even pooled in the body of the Man of Steel. Drained by the dark substance, Superman can't keep flying, and crashes to the ground.
Without the energy from yellow sun, Superman barely bear his muscular body on his hands and knees. His face still covered with the black gunge, all Superman can do is to grovel unwieldily.
Powerless Man of Steel is at the mercy of his deadly foes, clobbered by Riots, blown by Barrage, and beaten by Maxima.
Covered by the gunge, Superman lays his well-muscled but emasculated body helplessly as fleshy punching bag besieged by villains, Superman Revenge Squad.



Trapped by the crime lord and his henchmen, Nightwing found himself strapped to an operating table about to be tortured. Our hero can't move a single inch of his body revealing every muscle to crooks watching their prey.
Sadistic doctors, Giles and Gillian, enjoy choosing various instruments for torment of Nightwing. Their aim is to suffer and break him. To force him to spill everything, she injects diabolical psychoactive truth drug into his arm.
As the drug works, Nighwing starts to frothing the mouth, his consciousness is deteriorating, and his strong will becomes weakened. The doctors is toying once proud hero as cats play with a mouse.


bat barbecue

Batman is trussed on a pole, grilled like a barbecue by hyper-intelligent gorila, Grodd. The villain slues the bound and gagged muscular hero over an open fire bit by bit to broil his flesh evenly.
Grodd is roasting his prize slowly over the flame, drooling to see the Dark Knight suffers.
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