Captured Green Lantern finds himself in spread-eagled position with his powerless ring. Helpless hero can do nothing but expose his sculpted muscular body clad in his skin tight costume in front of evil villain, Desaad.
The Darkseid's inquisitor easily unmasks Green Lantern, and expects savage pleasure showing various tools for torment to captive hero.
Desaad wields his lovely tools to anguish powerless hero. Even experienced Green Lantern can't hold the agony, he moans and cries.
Although Green Lantern's costume is partly destroyed by savage torture, his heroic spirit is not humbled yet. But all he can do is to look at the powerless ring with his chagrined blue eyes.
By tenacious brutal torture of Desaad, once proud superhero is now in hideous. Most of his costume is tattered, his well built body for justice is mere a sitting duck for master torturer.
Green Lantern's naked throbbing flesh is tainted by soot and blood, he lays helplessly on the torture rack at the mercy of the tormentor. Our hero, Green Lantern, is in the worst mental and physical predicament.


  1. Who do you think is hotter on the operating table - Green Lantern or Nightwing?

  2. What comic series and number is this storyline from? I'd like to look for it. Thanks comiclvr

  3. Wow who is hotter? That is a tough question...both are very very hot! I like the muscles of both...

  4. Hi GearedUp,
    Actually, these two have slightly different tastes.
    Green Lantern is powerless, unmasked, stripped, and physically tortured. In this state, he is no more superhero. This is directly exciting.
    Nightwing is rather intact. His costume covers his body tightly, his mask still label him as a famous hero. Drugged with psychoactive substance, Nightwing suffered mentally. This torture is indirect but very exciting.
    For me, Nightwing is hotter a bit.

  5. Hi comiclvr,
    Thank you for many comments!
    This is Nightwing, issue #45, 2000. Buying comic books will lead to benefits for publishers, will finally lead to more superheroes in peril in comics :-)

  6. Thanks for the reply! I will go looking for this comic!!! It is sooooo hot!!! Do you know the issue # of the other Nightwing shirtless episode you talked about? I have some Nightwing comics, and he is soooo hot- I love to read about him! This torture episode is particularly hot because he is drugged and restrained. Skin tight costume is particularly hot, too in restraints! Would like to see more of him trying to break free but failing because he is too weak and defeated. Very hot. I think I need to buy many more Nightwing comics to get a complete hot picture of him! LOL Please post more of these Badends. I will be replying much much more in the future! Thx comiclvr

  7. Hi, do you know what issue of Green Lantern this is? I need to get this comic! I love how Green Lantern is restrained on the torture table with heavy restrains spreadeagled. Very Hot!!! Plus Lantern's abs & chest are exposed and ripped...very hot indeed! Would like to see those muscled abs receive some pounding to test their resilience... I have been collecting comic books for years and have quite a collection of Spiderman, Cap America, Ironman, Superman, and Superboy to name some. I enjoy the fight and capture scenes in all! Very hot!

  8. Hi Badends, just wanted to let you know I have been adding some positive comments to some of your Superman, Cap America, Spiderman, and Nightwing segments. All very hot segments....Thanks again! comiclvr

  9. These scans are from Green Lantern issue #91, 1997.

  10. Thanks!!! I just bought this issue along with 2 other hot Green Lantern capture comic books. I should receive them early next week. I can't wait to read the new issues and get some more ideas on how to put Green Lantern in a bad way! Feel free to send me an email at pianoman83@cityofbryan.net


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