chained and crucified

Kraven the huntress start toying unmasked Spidey and throws him away to lower level.
Spider-man can't do nothing but lies helplessly under her feet.
The villainess enjoys defeating Spidey, seizing superhero by his neck, flattening his face against the floor, and kicking him off.
When Spider-man regains consciousness, with his chest and arms chained he is crucified in front of the villainess.


surrounded by aliens

The Man of Steel is besieged by Aliens in their lair.
Grotesque creatures attack Superman with their inner mouths, craws and sharp tails, even the Man of Steel is forced to defend with all his powers.
During their battle, eggs of the Aliens start hatching.
A hatched face hugger recognizes Superman as its host, it pounces his mighty chest, reaches for his face.
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