brutally beaten

Poison darts are shot at a target, the Batman, they are slowly paralyzing muscular body of the crime fighter.
Batman is at the mercy of Two-face. He is punched, kicked and choked like a punching bag.
Dark Knight collapses and only exposes his helpless body to his deadly foe.


a small green gem

Superman turns green with fear when he finds his opponent with a spall of green kryptonite.
The Man of Steel trembles all over with pain and drops his knee in the green radiation.
His foe treads weakened Superman's face into the ground.
The victorious villain grabs helpless hero by his neck and laughs at miserable superhero.
He drags powerless Superman to his hide-out where more deadly sufferings awaits.


delicious appetizer

The gentleman of crime is of excellent taste. He relishes a plate of oysters, also enjoys a sight in front of him as another appetizer.
The Batman is spread-eagled position above a pack of hungry savage sea lions in a pool. Only single slight suffering of Batman can amuse Penguin hugely. What a sophisticated taste he has!


hanged by villainess

Two superheroes, Daredevil and Spider-man, are captured and hanged in the lair of Kraven the Huntress.
This picture is a cover of Amazing Spider-man #567, note that this scene is not appeared in this issue.


tightly-squeezed by plant

Batman and Robin are coiled by weird tentacle-like ivies of phyto-monster.
The Dynamic Duo can do nothing but suffer pains of tight squeeze.


variety of attacks

Superman's deadly enemies attack him in various ways at the same time. Super-power is drained by Parasite, his muscular but now limp body is frozen by freeze vision of Bizarro, and is finally blasted by green-kryptonite beam of Metallo.
Defeated Superman falls under Luthor's foot.
When helpless superman crawls and looks up with all his strength remained, he is surprised to see his enemies gathered with evil grins on their faces.


getting shot and knelt down

Welcome to BAD ENDS! This is a collection of pictures of defeated helpless superheroes in comics, I can show you the pictures with a brief text including my imagination sometimes. Isn't it exciting to see the cliff-hanger situation of superheroes in peril ?

As the first post, I would like to show one of my favorite superhero, Spider-man.

Black Spidey, his powerful legs are shot by arrows, forced to knelt down in front of his foe.
"HOW STUPID ARE YOU?" is a phrase insulting hero's spirit as well as his injured body.
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