punched and scanned

Norman Osborn captured Spider-man, he tries to beat it out of Spidey about his secret.
Norman is wise enough to use his technology... Spider-man is irradiated with special beam on the forehead, his memory is scanned and read out gradually.
Due to the current situation being captured, beaten, and humiliated by his archnemesis, Spidey's past memory of the pains, sufferings and defeats appear on the computer screens. The secret of Spider-man will be revealed shortly!


  1. yeah find out who he is and then reveal his secret identity

  2. Do you happen to know what issue and series this is from? I would like to get this issue! I love how Spiderman is very secured with his arms in the air. And the special beam focused on his head is very hot!! Can't wait to see more of Spiderman captured! Many thanks!

  3. Hi ghuestis9n,
    Yeah! Read all of his memory and reveal his untold secret!


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