bat barbecue

Batman is trussed on a pole, grilled like a barbecue by hyper-intelligent gorila, Grodd. The villain slues the bound and gagged muscular hero over an open fire bit by bit to broil his flesh evenly.
Grodd is roasting his prize slowly over the flame, drooling to see the Dark Knight suffers.


  1. How devious to drag this out with a separate panel for each quarter turn!

  2. Hi DannyB,
    Showing every aspect of bound Batman in 90-degree turn, these panels make me excited. This artist realized a sweet spot of the super hero in peril!

  3. Lieber Hugo,
    I am honored to be your second subscriber. Your super groovy scans are sooo up my dark alley on a rainy night:-) Drop by my men-in-peril.blogspot, there might be a few pieces relative to your interests. Thanks for posting and writing. I'll be happy to take a spin on your spit any time.

    Christuffer, NYC
    (ed. Peril Digest Magazine)

  4. Hi Christuffer,
    Welcome to BAD ENDS! Thank you so much for your subscribing.
    Your blog ownz with hot drawings and scans. I'm happy to be connected to you with similar taste!

  5. Well, Gorilla Grodd forgot to take Batman's belt away.


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